Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Milano Runway Fashion

VendeMia just launched today with a fabulous theme "Milano" inspired by everything super model! I had a hard time coming up with something but it finally "clicked". Here is a peak at a couple of my designs on Ebay now!

2 sets - one funky and urban with a feminine flair and the other one is a sassier set with leopard print - my fav!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What Flavor are YOU?

I came across this fun little quiz - I looove these quirky little things. Sometimes I actually believe what they say - kind of corny I know! Take a peak and find out what kind of ice cream girly you are!

I have been labeled "Pistachio Ice Cream Girl" ha! I am not a fan of mint green but I kind of like pistachio ice cream. I think anything mixed with salt and sweet is a great combination! Bring on the ice cream!

You Are A Pistachio Ice Cream Girl

Funky. Surprising. Wild.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vintage Shabby & Chic

This is a new set I just posted today! This is a one of a kind sz 4 5 6 that will not be duplicated so bid while you can!

Such sweet detailing on the bodice. Antiqued Levi's, rose cord and girly gauze ~ what a wonderful combination.

Click here to see the auction.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Not so Silent Surprise!

I was awakened this morning around 5:30 am to a thunderstorm. I could hear the distant cracks and booms of a thunderstorm outside and then a really big BOOM! But what I was not prepared for was the SNOW! Yes that lovely 4 letter word - S*N*O*W!

We are prepared for just about any weather here in Colorado - heck it has snowed on the 4th of July once!

The saying goes "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes" This snow is a little bit early. So my morning of sleeping in with out children - they were at Grandma's - was interuppted by this loveley thunderstorm and mix of heavy snow. We were completely unprepared for this - our sprinklers are still on, my outdoor waterfalls still have water in them! So we had to scramble to get everything arranaged to "winterized" today. The flowers and plants will freeze and look oh so loveley by this weeks end and I am wondering just how I am going to do my outdoor pictures now that eveything has been "frozen"? The leaves will fall off quickly and the trees will be barren - ugh.
My daughter Malaina has snuck out the doggie door 2x today to get a "taste" of the white stuff. Even though I told her no because she is getting over a cold. I had to warn her about the yellow snow that we do not eat and this opened up a whole other topic of discussion!
So here is to "Mother Nature" whom is always full of silent and not so silent surprises! Bring it on!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Neglected Blog?

Okay so I admit I have really really neglected my blog! I have been really busy with some new designs and custom requests and my new group "VendeMia". Search Ebay VendeMia boutique to see all of the great designers!

Here are a few of my new favorite sets! Take a peek! I am in a state of "hoodies" LOL. I just love the practicality of the hoddie dress and leggings. They are great for the cool weather yet have a girly euro flair any fashionista would love!

New week I will be featuring a couple other Christmas sets as well. Check back later for some some high style and funky designs good enough for the runway!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pack Your Bags

A new group will soon be making it's big debut!

Vintage style with a Euro flair.

Get your passports ready and pack your bags.

Gourmet chocolates and cafe to your hearts desire...that's amore!

Virgin Carpet

As I woke up this morning and came down the stairs, I carried my daughter Savannah on my hip rubbing my eyes just as I normally do any other day. Attemptting to wake up to her eager cries for her dear little "Melmo", that is what she calls the furry little red guy, I turned on the TV and headed over to make my first cup of java and something caught my attention. I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A something black and in no particular shape.....but it was on my brand new carpet! What could this be? My heart sank! It could not be dog poop because we gate the rooms of every night. So what the heck was it? As I crept over to the black "thing" I noticed that there were strings of some sort coming off of it......what was it? A very large MOUSE! My cat had brought me a "gift" as some of you may call it. My virgin carpet was stained with the very remnants of her trophy! So now I write..... it is not even 7am...I will call this "therapy" because now I have blood on my carpet and have no clue how I am going to get it out. It is in the middle of the room right where everyone can see. I am sure I will be busy today googgling away trying to remove this gift that my cat has now given me....the blessed little thing!

Here is a little bit of history.......We got new carpet yipee! There is nothing like new carpet - gotta love the smell of new carpet! I am now known as the "Carpet Nazzi", no drinks of any kind, no food and no shoes allowed on my new carpet! I put up a doggie gate at night and when I leave to protect my carpet from my pets so they do not harm my carpet. I like to vacuum my new carpet and look and admire the nice vaccum marks - and how perfect do they loook! My Yorkie Rusty has been know to mark his territories when nobody is looking and Jasmine seems for whatever reason to get lazy sometimes and just pee wherever she feels the need. Nope not anymore! I even got all nervous when the TV delivery guys came over to bring in the new TV and walked on my fresh new carpet that was only a couple hours old and they wore their shoes on my virgin carpet! OMG! So you can only think of how I felt when I woke up to a pile of something on my new carpet (speckled berber by the way) and come to find out that it was a mouse, or what was left of a mouse, and I will spare you the gorey details.

So stay tuned, I am sure I will update on the carpet drama and the whole attempt to remove the stain and I have not even thought of how I am going to tell the hubby?